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Dont Let This Dream Fade Away

by Princess Love

I wish I could describe you
You're nothing but a dream
Leaving me so empty when I wake up
With only a feeling to scream

I would sleep forever
Just to dream you again
Oh, can't you come to me
To free me of this pain?

As I lay on my bed tonight
Waiting to fall asleep
To spend another night with you
To explore this feeling so deep

I am back in our world again
I see you there, I beg you to stay
But like a bird time flies by
The morning arrives and you go away

I cry out loud as you fade away
Begging desperately for the night to stay
My eyes open, and I close them again
Hoping to see your face in vain

Left with nothing but just a thought
That tomorrow night you will come to me
With your thought I spend my day
I am not what I used to be

I was drifting in a lonely sea
You came and took the pain away
Now this dream is all I live for
So please, don't let this dream fade away