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The Children(inspired by missinvisible)

by Xx_juss_cant_help_miiself_xX

A little girl, so all alone
sat crying, so forlorn
her little dog had ran away
her heart was broken and torn.

a little boy, the same age as she
asked her why she cried
she looked up, with tear stained cheeks
her pain she could not hide.

she told him of her little dog
that she loved so well
& how he'd ran away from her
to where she could not tell.

she said she'd called his name outloud
but he did not come back
she told her mommy and her dad
about her doggy, jack.

she asked if they would help her find
the little dog she loved
but they were too much busy
so she prayed to god above.

She asked if he would help her please
for jack was all she had
he loved her unconditionally
not like her mom and dad

the little boy dropped down his head
his bare foot kicked a stone
he said his dad had went away
his mom leaves him all alone

the little girl looked up at him
said it sounded like he was the one
an angel had said she'd meet a friend
& soon her trials would be done.

the angel had said that the friend & she
would find her little stray
& as they gathered them close to them
god would lead the way

she didnt know exactly what they meant
she jus knew angels neva lied
so with trust she held out her hand to him
her smile growing wide.

the little boy then took her hand
& they ran off down the street
they stopped & questioned everyone
that they chanced to meet

as they rounded a corner, they spotted jack
in the street where he'd been struck
they ran out & gathered them close to him
they didn't see the truck

two angels and a little dog
abandoned here on earth
were taken home by god that day
and given a brand new birth.