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Tell Me You Love Me

by Phoebe

I thought that you should know,
Just how much I love you,
But the words don't seem to flow,
Theres too much pain and confusion blocking the way,
But with your colors in my world,
The pain should just flow away,
But baby no matter how hard I try,
I still love you more then I can say.

Your words create a shiver,
Sent up through my body,
Making me feel so warm and calm,
They flow like a river through a valley,
Your eyes are like the stars and moon,
Filling my life up with light,
Making me feel hope,
You're the one that makes things bright.

I long for your soft, gentle touch,
That, after days go by will still linger.
I long for your laugher to ring upon my ears,
And it'll replay in my mind forever,
I long for you to make me smile,
And make everything so much better,
But you know, I think what I would enjoy the most,
The thing that'd make me so happy,
Is when you'd wrap me in your arms,
And tell me that you love me.