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Saying Goodbye

by Torn

How do i show you,
How sorry i am.
You just want an answer,
And I'm not sure i can.

Hidden beneath my veil,
This tear-ridden skin.
So tired of crying,
Battling my demon within.

I try to talk to you,
But you're blinded by 'love'.
You won't listen to me,
Ignoring my every shove.

It's tearing me apart,
Because i need you by my side.
My selfish, guilty intentions,
Have made you want to hide.

Stop making me doubt myself,
Please accept my final plea.
I am too unstable,
Not good enough for thee.

So move on kind heart,
Let me go and you will see.
How useless i am,
How happy you can be.

I know we can't be friends,
So i guess this is goodbye.
You mean so much to me,
Without you i thought I'd die.

But i think I'll survive,
If i know you are OK.
I'll always think of you,
And wait for 'that' day.