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If For One Night

by End Of Eternity

Dreams after dreams, all my life
tried chasing each one of them
as an excuse to stay alive

ambition after ambition, all my life
couldn't get close to anyone of them
but they became my reason to survive

in this life which was so full of chaos
you came tearing all clouds apart
and made me forget who i really was

so much love all over me
your heart surrounding my heart
now so different life seems to be

with this new faith inside me
i look above to the creator and pray
to not make this present a memory

just one more wish if he could hear
if i could stay one night with you
and watch you sleep my dear

if i could keep my palm under your head
caress you hair all night long
and make you sleep on my dream bed

wishes after wishes, all my life
hoping to make few come true
my life has never been same
since i have met you