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Truth is...

by J Lau

I used to think
That I can control,
The feelings I had for you
And the thoughts of being with you.

I kept my distance,
I held my stance.
I treasure the friendships,
And I wished you both happiness.

I knew that it will not
Be an easy path,
But it turns out to be much rougher
Then I could ever imagine.
Cause deep down,
It hurts like crazy.

Truth is...
I cannot hold my feelings back
And ignore its existence.
I cannot pretend l am not jealous,
That I'm not the one by your side.

Truth is...
I cannot ignore the pain anymore,
When comforting you when you fall.
I cannot stand seeing you being hurt over and over again,
And there's nothing more I can do.

Truth is...
I'm not being truthful and fair to myself,
Cause it hurts so much inside each time you cry.
I cannot leave this wound open,
And not distance myself to let it heal.

Truth is...
I had feelings for you ever since the day we met,
And it only grew deeper as time past.
I know that I should not feel this way,
But I can't help myself thinking of you each day.

Truth is...
I was sure that you were the one,
ever since we met again that day,
Around the end of June.

I don't know what to do anymore,
My logic is overwhemled by my emotions.
I still wish that everything will work out,
Between you and him.
But if one day in the years to come,
That fate finally grant me the chance.
I wish that we will be together,
Forever less a day...

For that is the day,
I wanted you to know...
How I truly felt ... about YOU.

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