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I Love You

by K

I know I hardly say it because
I feel you already know.
But every time I do say it,
it comes from the heart
and it is true.
I may be shy at sometimes
or scared to tell you how
I feel as if I just met you.
But its because I don't
wanna seem needy even though
I really do need you.

But I will never be ashamed
to say it around my boys, my family,
or even in public.
Yes, I love you and
I'm proud of it too.
To know that I'm spending
the rest of my life with
someone like you.

As our relationship grows
I learn to appreciate
you more as my love
for you grows with us too.

I will love you today
more than yesterday,
and I will love you for
ever as if it was the
first time I've ever felt it.