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My Empty Soul

by Bill Turner

Life is being very good to me
It has not always been this way
My soul did not always soar free
At times I had hell to pay

Haunted by the demons I made
Fiery claws sunk into my heart
So many dues that must be paid
Living was tearing me apart

Death was to be my friend
Lovingly taking away my pain
My dark heart I could not mend
Impure thoughts clouding my brain

Closing my eyes awaiting death
Visions of you filled my head
Remembering your kiss, your breath
Realization my love for you, not yet dead

I had to take the chance
Hoping you would still see me
Longing for your romance
Wanting to be set free

You responded with eternal love
Putting an end to my personal rage
As if you were brought to me by the lord above
Unlocking my prison my personal cage

Feeling real love and desire
Able to love myself and you
Filling my empty soul with loves fire
Loving together until our days are through