Read Love Poems


by Cuddles

You show me the person behind the mask,
the person you won't show anyone else.
The question "Why?" runs through my mind,
and I think that's what you need to ask yourself.

Why show me the real you?
Why let me see your soul?
Are you looking for something, love maybe?
Am I to make you whole?

Why confess to me your secrets and dreams?
Why tell me your most haunting fears?
Am I to be the girl who wraps you in her arms?
Do I kiss away the almost inevitable tears?

I need to know what you want from me.
Why make me such a huge part of your life?
Do you want it that way for always?
Am I to someday be your wife?

I have just one favor to ask.
Will you quit playing games with my heart?
Don't say we're friends then do things to the contrary.
That hurts, and you're tearing me apart.