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Falling in love

by rar

I think about you everday,
you are on my mind constantly,
when i think of you,
i wonder if you ever think of me.

the way you make me feel,
is different from anyone else,
its something you can not describe,
but can only be felt.

you know i have feelings for you,
but you do not know how deep,
i just wish you can see,
how much you are starting to mean to me.

i know you do not feel,
the same way as i do with you,
but please give us a chance,
because maybe you would feel the same way to.

when i close my eyes,
i see you.
when i dream,
i dream of you

everytime i see you,
my heart beats faster,
my knees start shaking,
and hopeing you would feel the same way to.

every time i see you,
i have no idea what do do,
because every time i see you,
i always fall more in love with you.