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Loss of Innocence

by Samantha

We were sitting in my room,
as harmless as can be...
when quick- all of a sudden
you made a move on me.

I didn't try to stop you
I don't even regret
the things that happened
then and there
I will not soon forget.

It was my first time
you were gentle, nice and slow
you told me that you loved me
and hoped you'd never see me go

I said I loved you too
what else could I have said
I truly meant it from my heart
yet thoughts ran through my head.

'Oh my god,
what's going on
This isn't me at all
what would happen
if I'm not careful,
could I survive the fall?
Please lord let it be over,
and yet, don't let it stop...
For once I'm truly happy
these feelings, no one can top.'

I allowed the thoughts to gather
and then I set them all away
I looked deep in your eyes
I had known this was the day.

You started to move faster
I gasped and gripped you tight
you had every part of me..
I lost my innocence that night.

You drew me close and held me
kissed my forehead and my lips
whispered that you'd never leave me
and traced my arm with fingertips.

Now I trust you with my heart and soul
keep them safe within your love
I know you are the one for me
and you were sent from up above.