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Deceitful Melodies

by Synh

I walk around the world and leave my memories behind
I try and try but can't seem to ease my troubled mind
My sins will come back to haunt me, they'll get me soon
And there's nothing I can do

I watch the sun fall to the moon
All this reminds of me and you
Your song in my memories is what I fear
I hear it in my heart, I taste it in my tears

The voice of love speaks to me
Singing to deceitful melodies
It laughs through the wind
Screaming its songs will never end

From the fields of lies it calls
You robbed me and stole it all
My emotions are but a myth
You broke my heart and my only grip

My life never knew such sadness
Until you stole my gladness
I now know there's but one thing to do
And that's to get rid of you