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Imprisoned Heart

by Rican Chemistry

Locked inside this confused heart
Are two loves that just wont part
Deep inside my very core
Both leave me wanting more

And what the one can't offer to me
The other easily has plenty
My heart is broken between the two
Imprisoned by all that I've been through

Imprisoned heart, with no way out
With not even enough strength to shout
Locked in a cage;the key thrown away
Though deep inside I want to stay

Sentenced to live my life behind bars
Confused and alone, wishing on many stars
That one way or another I could be free
For honestly I know this life is not me

Imprisoned heart, condemned to tears
My hearts desire have never been less clear
Why is it that love played this game on me?
Tricked me into loving both you see

Gave me the taste of his sweet lips
When she knew it shouldn't be more than friendship
For my heart already belonged to one
That though far from, me I was never alone

By making me fall in love with the forbidden
I was sentenced to keep that love hidden
Now my soul slowly tares apart
For it wants to set free my Imprisoned Heart

Cant help myself any longer
His skin on mine makes me stronger
Though the others touch makes me weak
So that in my defense I'm unable to speak

His hands enclose my heart
And his lips slowly tares it apart
My sentence for wanting whats wrong
The one that I knew I'd had to pay all along

Poor heart of mines is almost gone
Scared, torn, and so alone
Imprisoned by loves cruel ways
Sentenced to heartbreak for the rest of its days