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Lonely Alone.

by Matthew

Lonely Alone

In search of beauty, seen and unseen
In lust and in love, we are caught in between

Take a look at the world, through the eyes of a child
When life was simple and our hearts ran wild

I longed for love, like in a fairytale
But I found nothing, I tried but failed

I met one girl, but her heart was like stone
I thought at that moment, I would forever be alone

As time went on, to my surprise
There were many more girls who caught my eyes

But none of them wanted, to be in my heart
I could not understand, what set me apart

I spent so many nights, destroyed and crying
It was all I could do, to keep from dying

But then one day, one goreous fall night
Your eyes met mine and it felt so right

You desended like a angel, from heaven above
You smiled at me and I knew it was love

But just like that, you disappeared and was gone
And I thought to myself, how will I ever go on

Then something inside, became increasingly true
I fall in love to easy, but what should I do

Should I take my time and play it slow
Or cut myself off and just let girls go

I can never keep a girl and my heart's slow to heal
But its harder to be alone, I wish someone would reveal

The elusive secret to a women's laughter
To the kiss that will last 'til happily ever after

I no longer believe, in love at first glance
But I can still make them smile, if given a chance

No one should be lonely, but so many are
So lets be lonely together, holding hands under the stars