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I look into your eyes

by David Marshall

I look into your eyes to see the future ahead.
As long as we are together, no tears are shed.
Day and night I think of you.
Wondering if your thinking of me too.

You brighten my day more than the sun.
My life was so boring, but now it's so fun.
Nothing can go wrong, your my glimmering star.
You've healed my heart, you've healed my scar.

Living with out you is like life with no air.
I wish I could show you how much I care.
I was in a shadow of great despair.
Then I turned around and you were there.

You saved me from a life of torment.
You healed and helped with the love you sent.
I thank God every day I met your kind soul.
It's easy to say my heart you stole.

I look into your eyes and begin to smile.
Risking everything for you is quite worthwhile.
I look into your eyes, it's you I think of.
I look into your eyes, and say it's you I love.

I look into your eyes, I'll never leave you.
I was so sad, but now my life's a new.
I'm so Happy my sorrow now dies.
At the moment I look into your eyes.