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I must say goodbye

by leo

First love

My first love I had
My first love I remember
My first love I want to bring back
But I'm too late
Because my first love is taken
I remember the times we spend together
I remember the kisses we shared
I remember the day we met
I remember the day I left
The great distance we had between us
The distance that kept us apart
Now that I'm here
One hundred thousands miles away
I remember mistakes that I made
And I whish I can turn back the time
I wish I could say that I'm sorry
For the things that I've done
I'm sorry I didn't know
How much I've loved you
I whish to say love you again
But I can't I just can't
I found out not long ago
That you met your next love
For the second time
Only this time it's not me
It's the other woman
You say you love her
You say soon is the wedding
As we speak on the phone
My heart breaks in half
I feel that my voice is about to fail
My body feels week my soul is crying
My heart is screaming
Say you love him
One moor time give it a try
But your mind stops you
And says let it go and leave him alone
You can't turn back the time
You can't change your mistakes
So whish them luck lots of love
And let them be happy