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I love you....

by Amythyst

I love you,
Enough to give you my heart,
Giving you the chance,
To tare it apart,
But to trust that you wont
To trust in you,
To believe your love,
Is really true,
I want you to be happy,
Even if I'm not,
I want whats best for you,
& I'll do what i can do,
Id jump in front of a bullet,
Give an arm for you,
Sacrifice myself,
Whatever you need, I'll do,
I love you more,
The words could ever say,
I love you more,
Each & every day,
Without your love,
I would die,
No reason to live,
No reason to try,
Now trust my words,
That will always be true,
No matter what,
I'll always love you...