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No Longer Alone

by Bill Turner

Standing all my life, leaning into the wind
Alone, always alone, even in a crowd
Facing every challenge with a determined grin
Many a time I was wrong, oh so wrong
Never breaking, always standing strong

Lost some people from my life along the way
Death coming to their door, inquiring about me
Lessons learned regarding living and dying
Becoming flexible like the old willow man
Swaying in life's breeze, doing all I can

A year and a half of confusion and pain
Leaving a trail of misery wherever I went
Your cheeks have seen a tear or three
I never meant to hurt your lovely heart
In mine I knew we should not be apart

The moment my lips touched yours that night
I knew in the depths of my soul that I was yours
Fear raced through me, chasing me away
Forgetting to sway in life's little breeze
Until that time at the beach finding myself on my knees

Your love wrapping around me and keeping me safe
Pulling me back to shore, drawing me to you
Tenderly holding me on my moonless nights
Showing me how to live and giving me life
I will be honored if you will someday be my wife