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First time i fell in love:

by aga

It was a couple of months ago,
I sat in his front row,
We talked with each other,
just like sister and brother.

We played soccer,
and we shared the same locker.
but then you told me three words.
I love you

I didnt know how to behave,
what to do or say,
i was so confused.
i thought i was going to be used.

But then we talked,played like normal,
we were both formal,
acting like everything was alright
acting like everything was bright.

My first love,
the white blue dove.
THere to guide me,

But then he left me,
in the night sky,
were it was raining,
just like in a spring painting.

I was left alone,
with no one there on the phone,
trying to walk,
but my legs were on a lock.

He has left me,
I now must live,
trying to forgive.