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Friend of mine

by đαy đяэαmэя......

Its been a long night,
Without you by my side,
Trying to conceal,
The feelings I hide,

I pull my blanket over my head,
Its so silly but its so true,
I try and sleep,
And not think of you.

"Its not meant to be"
I tell myself at each day
And I lie to myself,
In every single way.

Hes just a friend,
And he will always be,
He's only a friend,
Then why can't I see?

And in the morning,
I awake with a smile,
Just because I dreamt of you,
For a little while.

Its the way its always been,
I've tried to take my feelings away,
But no matter how hard I try,
I still wish you are mine each day.