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A Prayer

by End Of Eternity

Kissing dust in front of a cross
flying hands while knees embracing ground
just a thought that came across
if my tears could reach his ears as sound

with sealed quaking lips of mine
and blood around my hands
even a blind knows, i have been cryin
wonder someday you too understand

its not me i am asking for
as i have left that hope far too back
just a girl living next door
if you could bring her life back in track

if you could give her smiles which you kept for me
if you could spread roses on her path of misery
and just let the thorns be my reward for honesty
capture me forever and let that evil soul set her free

i swear i would not mind to sleep in flames
as it just doesn't matter how deep you are falling
when you are staring above
who cares about me and my brutal world
when its only about the one you love

this life i lead carries nothing anymore
as i know the fact that i cant be with her
so please bless the one living next door
as this life of mine drifts a step further