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Made For You

by x0xShaggys-Lovely-Little-Tinkerbellx0x

I know you are here with me,
Right here inside my heart,
I've known for always and forever,
Right from the very start.

I know you like no other,
A side that no one knows,
And you know a part of me,
That never really shows.

You are my first and last,
And forever that will be,
For I know we'll end up as one,
Together- you and me.

Your name etched in my heart,
Is how you read my soul,
We connect straight through our heartbeats,
And together we make a whole.

Your poetic words stick to my mind,
Like cellophane to skin,
People like you are quite extinct,
For you only look within.

You look into my eyes,
And I feel like I'm your girl,
I look right back through yours,
And you know that you're my world.

You complete my heart,
For without you I'd be plain,
My life would be displeasured,
Dripping with disdain.

And now that I have your attention,
Fully and all to myself,
I won't ever put our book away,
And leave it on the shelf.

You hold a chapter in your heart,
That took too long to begin,
As now I close the book and sigh,
For that chapter has no end.

This is something that can't be broken,
And has not been from the start,
For when you saw the scar was open,
You sewed back up my heart.

So- my thoughtful, sweet,
And honest guy,
Here is my heart that I give to you...