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Love found

by Mystic child

With every smile there comes a frown
with every up there comes a down,
with every soul there comes a mate
I give my soul; my heart to take,
if only you knew, if only you could relate
how my heart feels, these feelings are not fake,

I'll be by your side, through thick and thin
just open my heart, the key's within,
I give my one, I give my all
give me your hand I won't let you fall,
one day I'll make you understand
just trust in me to be your man,

Now that my angel has finally came
isn't it funny your name says the same,
if I take your hand in marriage
if we had four kids in a carriage,
can't you see this in your dreams
I want this to happen by any means
are you just talking and not for real
speak your mind and tell me the deal
is all this time just for nothing
or do you truly care
and your not just bluffing.