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Stabilize Me

by Bill Turner

Water pushing over my shoes
Dragging the earth from under my feet
Stability is only an illusion on the ocean of life
Sometimes life is like a large party boat
Other days a hard kick in the scrote

Play me some blues piano man, a soulful riff
Carry me on your notes to a place of peace
Let your music wrap around me like a warm blanket
Hold me tight until the arms of my love find me
Then I will gently let your music float free

Drifting by on clouds of silk and feather
Problems seem so miniscule from here
Even the ocean looks a deeper blue
All of it pales in comparison, looked at from above
Gazing into your beautiful eyes, all I need is your love

So many places I have yearned to go
I still crave the freedom of the road, to travel
Wandering through life with you by my side
There is only one place I really want to be
In your arms, allowing our love to run free

As the tide of our life washes away the sand
We will find stability as we reach bedrock
Planting our feet and growing roots for life
I have always found a place to make a stand
Next to you, is where I will always land