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Love pulled the trigger.


Rip me open slowly,
You like to hear me shout,
Sit back and baby,
Watch my blood flow out,
Smile your beautiful smile,
As your dagger tears through me,
The pain in my eyes arouses you,
I'm where you want me to be.

Fill my cup with poison,
Then laugh as i crouch in pain,
Your sparkling eyes now blood shot,
From revenge so much you gain,
Torturing my love forsaken soul,
Compare me to her each chance you get,
The poison of your hatred,
Began when our eyes first met.

Place the shotgun on my temple,
My life rests in your shaken hand,
Relax don't worry sweetie,
I'll jump at each demand,
This power you behold now,
Is one drenched in sorrow,
With one soft simple push,
You could demolish my tomorrow.

Suicide they'll consider,
Homicide sounds more mature,
Manslaughter I doubt you'd pull off,
You want a bloodbath on the floor,
Make your motive now dear,
For your murdering me as we chat,
I love you forever baby.
While your hiding my body..
Remember that.