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This i need to say...

by Serena

Today is just another day,
and there is still so much i need to say.

I will cherish every moment we spend together,
i'll keep them close to my heart forever.

Around you i know i can be myself,
i'll keep all our pictures on my shelf.

You tell me to forget my past,
you say this is different, our love will last.

You help me not to worry,
you say we don't need to hurry.

You can make me smile,
exspecially when my day is vile.

I look forward to seeing you,
because without you i am so blue.

You seem to be perfect in everyway,
in all that you do and all that you say.

You never let me give up,
even when i've said i've had enough.

Somethimes you seem just to good to be true,
thats why i am so in love with you.

I love how you care about you and me,
and us being a \"we\".