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In The Stillness Of Night

by Princess Love

I was thinking about you today
I do that a lot as it seems
You are always in my heart
At night you drift into my dreams

I cannot change these feelings for you
Never had I desired to
The blessing of our love and friendship
Is something my heart holds close to

I want to feel you near me
But you are so far away
I hope you feel me in your heart
As you travel your path everyday

Thoughts of you fill my mind
As I stare at the countless stars
I often see your face in them
And I wonder where you are

As I lay alone in my bed
I can feel your presence next to me
I reach out my hands to touch you
And realize you are just an illusion I see

Footprints in the sands of time
Walking closer towards each other
Holding hands and sharing love
Which will not be meant for another

That is the dream I always have
Every time I close my eyes
Then you disappear again
Somewhere in the stillness of night