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Im afraid of falling in love

by Bibbitt CSI537

I'm afraid of falling in love
And not being able to see
When the person that I'm falling for
Is only hurting me

I don't want to be the girl
Whose fallen way to fast
And when she gets to her future
Regrets loving in her past

The girl, pathetic, with romance in her eyes
Giving her heart to the first sweet guy

Then finds out later it was a mistake
And that she only gave him her heart to break

I don't want to be that love sick girl
I don't want him to be my entire world

...I think I've fallen in love...

My vision is blurred my thoughts are slurred
I feel like I've got the flu
I do say, I only feel this way
While I am next to you

...I think Ive fallen in love with you...