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Still Holding On

by Melissa D

I thought you were right
The perfect one for me
But I didn't understand
I just didn't want to see

Maybe I wished too much
Maybe I wished you away
Now all I wish
Is to see you today

It's funny how in life
Before this love for you
I felt no happiness
I just felt so blue

Then you came along
And showed me a light
You gave me joy
That light was so bright

But suddenly it went away
My heart became shattered
And so, once again
Nothing else mattered

Right now I write this
Thinking 'bout you still
I wish I could go back
But I'm just making myself ill

I'm thinking again
I could just end it all
I've got nothing to look forward to
I'm again beginning to fall

But I've still got hope
I'm still holding on
There's still a place in my heart
But for now, you're still gone