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I Feel...

by Charissa

I feel you kiss me on my face
I go into a trace
I feel your hands tighten around my waist
Your kisses are what I taste
I feel you bite my ear
This feeling in my body I just can not bare
I feel your touch upon my skin
My mind and heart start to spin
I feel like I can not move
This feeling I just can not remove
I feel free
As you say you want me
I feel like it's just us two
As I reply with I want you
I feel you close,
And there goes our cloths
I feel you shake as I bite your chest
Along with a tighter grip upon my breast
I feel like there is no better place
As I look upon your face
I feel like I am going to scream
This is better then any dream
I feel your body on mine
As our feelings begin to intertwine
I feel like I am going scream it
When you ask me to say it
I feel that our feelings are true
As I say I love you
I feel protected
Even though it's not like it was unexpected
I feel the love we make tonight
And it kind of scares me because it feels so right