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First Time Lover.....

by Trying to find the words

Kiss my lips,
And help me forget,
Run your tongue against mine,
Take your time on me,
Tonight lets cross the line,
Touch me in a way I've never been touched before,
Rub my back,
Make me want this more and more,
Caress my thighs,
Let your hands explore,
Keep me in this sensual paradise,
Kiss me again,
This time I won't think twice,
Kiss me neck,Run your fingers through my hair,
This seems so unreal,
It's almost too much to bare,
My head is whispering stop,
But my body is floating on thin air,
My hesitance has disappeared,
All I can think about,
Is how much closer,
I can get you near,
Right now I'm kissing my conscience goodbye,
And on my heart my actions will rely,
Take me first time lover,
Farewell innocence,
A new world I must discover...