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Lasting Impressions

by Bridgette

Lasting impressions burned deep inside my mind
Praying that these scars will fade in time
You've moved on, so why can't I
Screaming out your name with no reply
Harsh words spoken about another
So why stop now, we hate each other
Holding back my tears so you wont see
Just how bad you've been hurting me
Laughing and smiling when I see you here
Knowing you've hurt me is my biggest fear
So let me cry myself to sleep at night
Because I let you go without a fight
Tears of regret with blood shot eyes
This is when we both come to realize
Those heart felt memories now filled with regret
Pushed to the back of our minds for us to forget
Wasting away my day with thinking
Washing away the pain with drinking
I watch the clock as time stands still
And stare at my reflection that seems unreal
My world has come crashing down
And nothing is left to be found
But after all that we have been through
Just remember, I'll always love you.