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What Do You Feel

by Dj (Dwayne Kent Sitton Jr)

Well I got allot on my mind,
That I really need to say.
First, I promise I will never hurt you
In any possible way.

I like what we have
My feelings won't change,
when you entered my life
The sun came up and away went the rain.

I know being with you
Will set me free
From all my bad past
And horrible memories.

I knew just the first day
Being with you is different
I knew you would not be like the others
And treat me so ignorant.

I looked in your eyes
Then we first touched lips.
Such an amazing feeling,
That...was just not a kiss.

So quick, so strange,
It was the beginning of a new life.
New memories, and a new future
That consists of you being my wife.

Our love came so quick,
And damn is it true.
I want you to know,
I gave up some things that meant allot to me
Just to be with you.

So everything here baby
Is to you.
I need to know
Are your feelings true?

That is what was on my mind?
Which will never change.
I love you so much,
I just hope you feel the same.