Read Love Poems


by End Of Eternity

Sitting at the edge of a river
as the sound of water touch my feets
deep inside this river there is a light
through the reflection of a lonely moon
i keep staring at the reflection
until it start smiling at me too

i know its a dream which won't last for long
but i see a path through this river to reach you
so i step forward, not knowing if its right or wrong
on this path unknown with your face in my eyes
i kept drowning till i could feel no more

trusting this smiling moon i keep following to nowhere
flashback in my mind of life i am leaving behind forever
no remorse as no one will miss me or would even care

as i keep walking i see my words i ever wrote for you
coming out of my book which is floating through
and i could touch them as they whisper in my ears
raising my heartbeat and blending this river with my tears

i can see your arms at the edge of this endless river
and could feel love waiting to embrace my soul
the more i get close to moon, the more my heart quiver

tardily, this river turns into red
as the moon is set on fire
i think the dawn is here again
once again murdering my desires

its been years having the same dream
for once if i could reach the other end
and could see that waiting beautiful sight
if for once i could reach before day's maiden light