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For Love or Duty

by Princess Love

A dream of mine has been shattered today
Someone I thought of my own
Can never be mine in anyway

He lives in the shadow of her hair
He breathes through the pores of her skin
It is for her that he curves all his paths
Giving all that he can from deep within

Does she know what he does for her
Does she know that he always cares
Does she know he lives only for her
But for him, is she ever there

He can never let go of her
She is the meaning of his life
Whether it is for love or for duty
She is the reason that he survives

How could I have fallen for him
When I knew he could never be mine
How could I have denied the truth
And let myself commit this crime

Who should I blame now
Time, fate, him or me
I know it is my foolish heart
That keeps on betraying me

What to say about this crazy life
What ever happens its just fate
Tied up by the manacles of duty
You give up love to embrace hate

This life has taught me a very important lesson
In the line of duty and love
Duty wins and love stays unknown

Thousand deaths that I have died in my life
Once more I would wish to die
With the hope to be reborn for your love
In your arms I will live my next life