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The perfect love

by Xx_juss_cant_help_miiself_xX

When I first talked to you,
I didn't know what to say,
But the more we talked,
The more my heart gave way.

But now when I think of you,
And how you changed my life,
I can't imagine,
A day without your light.

You light up the day,
As if you were the sun,
You are the sense of completion,
When my difficult project is done.

You are my strength, and wisdom,
And the keeper of my heart,
Whose grip never weakens,
Even when we're apart.

I think of you all day,
And dream of you all night,
And every night I wish,
That you could hold me tight.

You are always on my mind,
No matter what time or day,
Even when I shouldn't,
I think about you anyway.

And when I think of you this much,
The days seem so long,
And all the time we spend apart,
Just seems so wrong.

You are my special gift,
Sent from up above,
Sent to me from heaven,
Sent for me to love.

Thank you for your smile,
And your light that fills my dreams,
You always make it brighter,
No matter how dark it seems.