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Your Call

by Batscout

I ran on the beach in the rain
with exalted expectation
of your voice on the phone.

I smiled, remembering
Your eyes, the very color of the water.
I smiled, remembering
your face in my hands,
your soft hair tangled in my fingers.

I ran on the beach in the rain
my heart pounding, beating
to the memory of you.
You began under my skin.
I discovered traces of you in my blood
my bones, my brain
Now you're in my heart.

I've never been so speechless
I've never been - driven to poetry
I've never been so captivated, so immersed
in another
so wanting, so driven, consumed

I ran on the beach in the rain
The sky opened up, the rain deepened
My body drenched to the bone.
Yet, a smile traced its
Way across my face
My eyes closed

I feel you. I know you. I crave you, long for
Your strength of mind, body, integrity.
Your skill. Your kindness.
Your willingness to give.
To reveal yourself to me.

I ran on the beach in the rain,
Seeking shelter so I could call.
I found a gazebo
Just past the second pier
Near the house with the ridiculous stone

I dialed with trembling fingers
When you answer, will you have changed
your mind?
Have you come to your senses?
Will you regret - me?
Will you still want, need, love?

Have you begun your reality check -
Dated, filled in the amount, endorsed?
You answer and your voice is warm,

I ran on the beach in the rain
With exalted expectation
And my lungs forgot to contract
Only for a moment
My heart refused to beat, only for a second
Now, with your voice, I release the tension
I remember it is raining outside the gazebo
On the beach
Myself, reflected in the wet sand's mirage
Changed and came back to me, ameliorated

I ran on the beach in the rain
And when I heard your beautiful voice, I
All was well, and that
You loved me