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Confession Of My Confused Heart

by holly

Here's a Confession,
of my Feelings for You
You Never Would Have Guessed It,
but i Love you It's true.

((YEAR 7))
The First Day i Met You,
You were Just another Guy.
Two Years Older,
You were in Year Nine.

((YEAR 7 + 8))
Sure You Were Nice,
But In The First Year or Two,
Just an Acquaintance,
I never Dreamed I'd Fall For You.

((YEAR 9))
A Shared Experience,
That Brought Us Together,
A Random Chance,
It Changed Me Forever

((YEAR 10))
Now Closer Than Before,
Our Friendship Grew,
Now We Talk All The Time
And I've Fallen For You!

I Never Would Have Guessed It
On That First Day
And I Don't Know What To Do
Cause You'll Never Feel The Same.

So I'll Write This Confession
Which You'll Never See
I'll Spill Out My Heart,
Then Continue To Dream. . .