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Confused love

by jenny

I'm so confused right now
i don't know what to say
i don't know if you like me
or even look at me in that way

and yet I'm falling deeper
i cant stop thinking about you
i just cant seem to escape it
no matter what i say or do

I'm convincing myself thats its a faze
and soon enough it will go away
but if thats true why do i get butterflies
every time that you come my way?

right now we are good friends
and i don't want that friendship to go
but i wonder if we cud be closer
because i like you more then you know

you always say that I'm beautiful
and guys would be mad to reject me
but are you saying this as a friend
or are you hinting and i just cant see

no matter what i say to myself
i know i cant tell you how i feel
although you seem to confuse me
i no what i feel for you is real

you hold me like no one else can
i never ever want you to let go
it hurts that i want and need you
and not knowing whether to let you know