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Something New

by Ben

The cold night
Drifts into my arms
Looking for the warmth
Of my heart

It whispers into my skin
Telling me to be free
Knowing it will find the heat
The heat it needs

Walking down the empty street
Nothing seems the same any more
The black disappears and colour floods my world
This beauty's something I can't ignore

At the end of this road
You might give me your hand
Holding me so close
Something I'll never want to end

You're the colour behind my eyes
Giving this world some meaning
You're the breath I breathe
Giving me the will to go on

The flowers from this new world
Float on past my face
Releasing a new smell into my veins
And I know this is just the starting place

These senses are so new
Nothing like them before
They're beyond my wildest dreams
No matter how unstable, I won't fall

The darkness which filled my heart
Is slowly being shined away
The touch of your love burns bright within me
Forever, it's here to stay