Read Love Poems


by rheine

Sometimes i wonder where i would be
without you

sometimes i dream of nightmares and
the possibility that i may not be here at
this moment... and i may not be in
heaven nor in hell

sometimes i think too much until my chest
hurts and i burst into tears.

the past that we both have, brought us
here... in this little resting place of ours..

you may still think i am playing safe but
I'm ready to move on with you.. just say
the word and I'll never look back..

you took me out of the dark and placed
me not in the light but in the warmth of
your arms. which I'd rather prefer than a
cold megalithic pedestal.

your love gives back all the love i gave
before but wasn't exchanged.. further
more than that it gave me new life.

heaven sent, you made me smile, laugh,
cry, stew until i blew my top. but most of
all you showed me the most beautiful
heart I've ever seen.

i hope you know how much you mean to