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With You

by LiL K

This feeling that I have for you
Grows stronger with each day
But it seems that when I think of you
I cant find the words to say.

I want you to know just
how much you mean to me
I want you to know that
With you is where I wanna be.

I wanna tell you that you're
the best thing in my life-
Without you, I wouldn't feel
This happiness deep inside.

Whenever I feel like I'm lost
and don't know what to do,
I always seem to find a path
that leads me straight to you.

I'm sure you don't even know that
to me you mean this much,
But if I feel any type of pain
It's healed by just your touch.

That simple kiss on top of my hand
or your fingers across my cheek
Causes my heart to skip a beat
and makes my knees go weak.

I enjoy my time with you
and now in love, I believe.
That's why when you're with me
I don't ever want you to leave.