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My Love For You

by Sarah Beth

It was right from the start,
Your love hit me like a piercing dart,
You say your love for me is strong,
I feel as if with you is where I belong.

You're so sweet and kind,
It's crazy to think your kind of mine,
I want to be with you day and night,
I think for us it was love at first sight.

It's amazing how we just clicked,
Your the only guy i ever want to pick,
To be by my side,
And the one to never leave far behind.

The one to call me theirs,
Especially through loving glares,
I hope this love never ends,
For my heart would never mend.

You're everything I've dreamed,
Crazy yes I know it seems,
Oh I hope we're right,
As I dream of you tonight.

With you all my troubles go away,
But I love you is all i can say,
Nothing can explain how I feel,
Yet my love for you is real.

Please take care of my heart,
I gave it to you from the start,
Please don't hurt me,
All I want is love you see.