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I Hope You Know

by Always4You

The look on your face
When I said those three little words
Shot my heart into space
Far past the soaring birds

My love for you is deep
Past the depths of the sea
It's your love I want to keep
Here is my heart, you are the key

You fill me with hope
And a longing for the future
Without you I couldn't cope
Now I feel loved and secure

I've never been more sure
About anything my entire life
Your love was the cure
To end my pain and strife

So If you love me the same way
Speak those three little words
Please Love, do not delay
Your feelings may go unheard

This vow you make
I hope it's sincere
Please do not make my heart ache
Confess your love loud and clear

So, take me and hold me tight
Please, never let me go
Tell me everything will be alright
I love you, I hope you know