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Scared To Love

by mary

I see you sitting silently
As I want so bad to help
I know you’re really hurting
But I want to share the feelings I have felt

You’ve been hurt in your life
From past relationships
But I can change your life
We can at least start with a friendship

You were abandoned as a child
You’ve had a rough life
I know you’re really tired
Of pain, grief, and strife

You’re scared to love
Because you’re scared of hurt
But I’ll show you so much love
And everything you deserve

You said you can’t trust
Because of incidents in the past
You said love is not a must
And will never last

You said you hate love
And everything about it
You hate trust
And could do without it

But I’m here to show you
A different side to it
I would never hurt you
You have my word on it

You promised yourself to never fall for anyone
Because you knew once you’d give your all
Everything would come undone
And you’d be left with nothing at all

What can I do to prove everything to you?
What can I say?
How can I show I’ll never hurt you?
How can I show you, I’ll never play?

I want to show you love
Don’t hesitate
We can have something so precious
I know this is fate

I could be your everything
I could be your life
This is so frustrating
I would never lie

I want your trust
I want your love
I’ll show you the life
You always lacked of

I want to love you
I want to care
But if you don’t love me too
I can’t wait there

It’s a shame we can’t love
Because you can’t trust
I tried to prove to you
But you’re too firm to get through

I said I’d never hurt you
But you still have no trust
It’s painful what we both have to go through
Because you’re scared to love