Read Love Poems


by LiL K

You have no idea that
I want you so desperately!
You are stuck in my mind
For all eternity.

My legs shake when I'm near you
And I can hardly speak.
I want to be around you
Every day of the week.

How can you pretend that
You don't know how I feel?
How about let's negotiate-
Here, this is the deal:

Promise you'll try to love me and
I promise my love in return.
Promise you won't cheat on me,
So it won't be of my concern.

Promise not to hurt me and
I promise I won't cry.
Promise you won't leave me
So I don't have to say goodbye.

Promise you won't lie to me and
I promise I'll be sincere.
Promise that you'll stay near me,
So I can whisper "I Love You" in your ear.

Promise you won't ignore me and
I promise that I'll stay.
Promise you'll tell me how you feel
So I'll know the right things to say.

But most of all,
Can you promise me this:
Please don't let me become just
Another girl on your stupid list.

And if you cared for me
As much as I do for you,
I wonder if it would be
A perfect dream come true?