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Out of the Darkness

by Kobe

Long did I love her,
For so long she pushed me aside,
But now I have found someone,
Different and new,
And the sad thing is... I love her too.

But which love is false,
Which one is true,
Is it the love I longed for,
Or the love that is new.

For each second since I layed eyes on her,
For each second, I have loved her,
For each second my love was not returned,
I grew sad,
The sadness builds up until I feel nothing,
Empty like death.

Then a beautiful gleaming light,
Shines into the darkness,
And where the emptiness of death once ruled,
Is life,
A beautiful new found life.

Her light conquers the darkness,,
And the answer to my question is slowly appearing,
The answer to my question is clear,
The love that is true,
Is the love that is new.