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As we say good bye

by alex

As we say good-bye
I know I lost you forever.
And as we hang up the phone,
That's the last time we're going to talk together.
Just another one that failed.
Time to move on.
I wish it didn't have to be this way,
For my love is not even gone.
We talked about if we left,
That we'd always be really good friends.
But as we said good-bye,
That seemed to be the end.
Do I have to move on,
And leave you behind,
Since we got broken apart,
And our love was denied?
It doesn't seem fair,
I'm still in love with you.
Even though you left me in the past,
I still think of us as two.
I picture you in my mind,
And your image starts to fade.
Has it been that long since I have seen you?
Was that really the last memory we made?
I know I won't find another
That will compare to what we had.
It all seemed way too good.
Yet in the end it turned out bad.
I almost lost my best friends
Through you and me.
It didn't really matter at the time,
Because it felt we were meant to be.
I remember all those times
When we held each other tight,
And nothing seemed to matter
As we wasted days and nights.
What's that phrase that people say?
"If you were meant to be,
You'd find a way back to each other"
I wonder if that will be you and me
cause I'm afraid I can't love another.
So here's the question
That's been pondering in my mind.
Should I keep holding on
Or leave you behind?
I feel it might be better
To leave you in the past
Since we haven't really talked
From the night we said we won't last.
I don't have a chance with anyone else.
And even if I did, I wouldn't have the strength to try.
Since my heart, body, and soul is with you
And every night I cry.
My mind is filled with thoughts of you,
And it gets brought up every time.
This question that has no answer,
Should I stay or leave you behind?