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You were always an exception.

by pseudo

I still look out the window you know,
Waiting for an answer, maybe a sign.
That you're out there somewhere
But you just got lost in time.

It's almost been three years.
Since I've seen your face.
I'm always searching for something,
To fill this empty space

We got caught in the moment of life,
It seemed as it was just you and me.
We didnt have a care in the world.
Our spirits were so free.

Now, your soul is so distant from me.
You still here with me though ,
Just so much farther away,
But you'll never let it show.

And I may dig my own grave,
Waiting for you to come back.
But it something I'm willing to do
Because acceptance is what I lack.

The cold, harsh reality of all of this is
I wake up, knowing I won't see you
I know you've moved on with life
I guess I always knew.

You always said time was on our side,
That the memories would keep us together
And I still really want to believe you...
But because of time I've lost you forever

And this is my final plea to you
Maybe one day I will get a reply
And I may just be waiting forever
I guess this is really good bye

I always said with brief happiness,
Comes prolonged pain.
But you were always an exception.