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The man in my dreams

by Chelsey

Just when I thought I have found someone
Who was everything I wanted him to be
Each and every quality I do desire
Someone of whom I can share his company

In the blink of an eye he walked out of my life
He left no notice all of a sudden his presence unseen
Why did my inner joy turn to my bad luck?
I'm confused on what happened in between
His great hugs halted to a barreling stop
His arms around me captivated me no more
His arms where I felt the safest in the world
Were merely a memory of a time once before

The days slowly rolled by into weeks
And weeks dragged into months after that
I had no where to turn and no soul to ask
Where art thou handsome prince at ?

But my heart did hold hope that we'd meet again
I'd hear your laugh and get to see your smile
I was right and with patience I got my wish
After waiting and keeping my heart in denial

Just walking along and doing my thing
I turned around to see you standing there
My mouth dropped in the instance my heart did stop
As my joy cascaded everywhere

How I wish it could've been in my dreams
To where you r tender warm lips met with mine
But right now dreaming is all I have of you
And i shall place my hopes and dreams with time

I didn't want to let go of your warm embrace
I dont want to have to wait again for us to reunite
I'm sure again time shall test my patience
But I can't wait to dream of you again tonight

Thanks big sis for editing this poem for me!!! I love you!